Thursday, 12 August 2010

Because I am being badgered....

Well, Darquelings, with that last post up, I have been asked to (shudder) share some bad poetry. I keep the good stuff locked away, so only I know what I am really thinking. Anyway, the following are some of the more.... palatable ones. Distinct lack of blood, gore or dismemberment. Plenty of Twilight style angst though. Please ask if you want to use any of it. They have all been copyrighted. No charge, just ask and credit.

A prayer from me to you. A prayer from you to me.

Heres what I want you to do.

Grant me the Strength.

Make Me laugh, Make Me cry, Tell me my place in the world.

To accept the things I cannot change

Lift me out of my skin and place me in another.

Grant me the wisdom, to deall with all and any circumsatances.

Show me places I have never visited and carry me to the ends of time and space.

Grant me the peace and serenity to move forward through adversity.

Give my demons Names and help me confront them.

Demonstate the possibilities i’ve never thought off.

Hear my prayers and that of my kin.

Present me with heroes who will give me courage and hope..

I believe the world still needs heroes.

Ease my sorrows and increase my Joy.

Teach me compassion.

Entertain, Enchant and enlighten me.

Tell me a story.

Fly. (Lyrics by David Graham, originally performed by The Abyss)

This one’s from the heart
Because I can’t speak any other way.
it struck me like a dart today,

I can’t keep you forever
I won’t hold you down
I’ve seen your soul, it burns me.
It thrills me.
Letting you go, gonna kill me.
But I’ll be glad to see you where you belong.

Burning up a storm on the stage
Rage in the the cage For me
Break away from me

This one’s from the heart

Get away from me.
I won’t bring you down
Shake your cage
Burn the stage by stage
Break the cage, its all the rage.

Well I know you’re Supergirl.
But I’m just a man
And you’ve been a never-ending thrill.
Your Secret’s safe with me, so….

Get away from me.
I won’t bring you down
Shake your cage
Burn the stage by stage
Break the cage, its all the rage.

Look up in the sky. It’s not a bird, its not a plane..
That’s my girl
She’s so high I can’t touch her anymore
And I know I’ll never fly, so…..

Get away from me.
I won’t bring you down
Shake your cage
Burn the stage by stage
Break the cage, its all the rage

All the world’s her cage
And when I saw her rage
In the snow of the stage
I know, I’ll never bring her down, for she’s gone. So….

Get away from me.
I won’t bring you down
Shake your cage
Burn the stage by stage
Break the cage, its all the rage.

For the one that got away and was pushed further.

Sparkling Brown eyes.

When I look back on simpler times and realise that pride cost me a prize, I think off the girl with sparking brown eyes.
She had a laugh as gentle as a single snowflake on grass and a kindness to me that, alas, didn't last.
I had plans and dreams with no end in sight, and was she who encouraged my flight, but held her wings fast to her brood.
With my adventure done and four years hence, I try not to think about her with all my strength.
Our romance should be at rest, if not dead, but when I lie in my empty bed, it is thoughts of her that will not fade.
She would not care for these words, stripped bare as they are. She is far beyond rage for me and moved on to brighter and better things.

There is nothing worse than indifference from one you loved and hurt, but I bear the brunt and lessons learned. Love can be killed swiftly or slowly, but the linger is enough to make you contemplate pulling the trigger on the future you don't yet know.

I have loved a lot of people, but only one has stayed to remind that pride cost me a brown eyed prize and a future I denied.

I know she's happier without me, just as I know there's a green eyed Gem I'm happier without.

Raise your glasses please to being the one who got away and to the one who got away.
Drink, be free, be happy, understand that the memory is a lesson and you might yet pass the exam.

Here's to your bright, sparkling future, Brown eyed girl. I'm glad we choose each other for a little while.

For Those in Transition

The End.

Here I lay down to rest, the part of my past, I have no regret for.
Here I place the hearts of those who gave their bodies and soul to me, to which I am quietly grateful.
Upon this earth I commit my name of times past to a misty haze of change.
In this isle of green I have travelled and fed upon the living, seeking to ignite my self, to share my passion.
The flesh I have torn has been both bitter and sweet.
The flesh that has been torn from me has been given willingly and with love.
The Blood that poured from me a river so sweet, depleting and enhancing the acts I have committed.
Here I lay down those acts that have defined me for so long, here I try to bury the past and look forward.
The Sun at my back, the moon in my heart.
I hear the howls of the night so keenly, and how I wish to join them, to run with my kin.
Here I lay to rest my howls, here I lay to rest my kin.
One day I shall return to confront my fear, allow my lovers to feed again.
But I am spent and I long for the norm.
Yet I feel the need to pass on my bite, lay it upon a slender form, and ravish until the dawn.
Here I lay down my bite.
The scars have healed, the marks of love gone, and yet I still feel them. The gentle pangs of an out of control animal, the knowing of a tempest upon my body, a torrent which will never be stopped.
Here I lay down the Tempest.
Peel back the skin, piece by piece, leading to bliss.
Skin me, until I feel no more.
Here I lay down my skin.
The Face takes time to apply, the lips are red, and the eyes are black, the flesh is white and weak, the hair is hidden under a long black facsimile.
Here I lay down to rest my other face, the one that feeds, the one I no longer need.
Here I lay down to rest, strip naked the clothes of a predator, the hands of a lover, the body of a gleeful sinner.
As I lay myself down to rest, shuddering at the touch of marble to naked skin, I read the inscription I have carved.

Here lies
1997 -1999
The road was long and he was no angel.

And with that I left him behind.

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